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(Archived) OCR, PDFs and Space Limits

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The OCR ability is the most compelling feature of Evernote3 for me- but am I right in assuming that when you've hit the online quota limit, new material is not analyzed? That seems to be the case right now.

It might be nice to see OCR happening even when the quota's filled....can you bump up the quota to 1 Gb now?

Is there no support for adding PDF's to Evernote?

Enjoying the product.



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During the beta test, the quota is currently set to 100MB per account, but we plan to adjust this (in your favor) in a couple of months. At that point, we'll also offer a way to purchase a much higher quota for a few dollars a month. (Price and numbers are still being set.)

We also plan to introduce PDF support in the next few months.


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Thanks for the response.

So, when the quota limit is hit, the OCR stops?

I'm wondering if a "round-robin" storage might be an option: smaller sets of data get uploaded, OCR'd and the text gets downloaded. Over a bunch of cycles, this would make all the scanned text available for searching.

tks again


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The setup will be more straightforward once we change the quota system and introduce Premium accounts, which will have significantly higher limits, etc. The configuration for Free accounts will also be more clear at that point. The current limits are just to make sure that the beta test goes smoothly ... we don't want anyone accidentally (or intentionally) abusing the system in a way that affects the ability of everyone else to test.

Thanks again for the feedback.

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You will be able to search in PDFs without synchronizing to the service ... we will index and search the text within the PDF.

Images in Windows "Local" notebooks will be processed on your PC and you can search them without synchronizing. Mac requires synchronizing, since it doesn't have a local image processing engine.

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We don't currently plan to do this. The imaging processing libraries are several times larger than the Mac client, and they are based on nearly a decade of research and tuning on Windows. This means that they would take a long time to port to the Mac, and they would make the application take up much more space on your computer.

You could always put your notes in a private (synchronized) notebook for recognition, and then move them to a local notebook later if you want.

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if we put it from private to local, will it retain the meta-data? how about if we export the PDF out of the program, will the OCR text be saved for spotlight and other programs to take advantage of? :)

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If you move a note between notebooks, it will keep all of its existing metadata ... this includes moving between private & local notebooks.

If you take any resource (image, PDF, etc.) out of Evernote and put it on your hard drive, it will be the same as it was before you put it in ... i.e. we aren't changing the file itself, so spotlight won't treat it any differently than it did before.

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