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Improved search relevancy (e.g. words in titles = higher relevancy)



Hi, We are all used to super strong Google search engine and I'm missing its power in Evernote. Most of the time the most relevant note is not included in the search or is very low in the list of search result, despite the keyword is in the title! I know I can use special queries but wouldn't it be much faster and user friendly if I could just use the plain fulltext like on Google?

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Once you have a moderately large database 'full text' searches are less useful because most words and phrases naturally occur somewhere in many notes - all general searches return dozens or hundreds of hits.  Notebooks,  tags and titles are the best way to categorise content because searches like "tag:keyword intitle:<date>" can refine down to very fine detail.  Text expanders like Phrase Express can help set up search 'formats' to avoid repetitive searches - and saved searches avoid unnecessary repitition of common procedures.

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Rob, I agree with you. Without using all the other ways to search, to the very least the order of results should be by most relevant first. I mean if a title has all 3 words searched for, why would it display near the bottom? I don't know. Makes no sense to me. The search in Evernote is a pet peeve of mine. The rules one must know is just too much.  You must know that you can't exclude a notebook. You must know that you can't combine "and" with "or".  You must know that you can't search with wildards unless they are at the end of a word. I'm sure there are other rules. It's just too cumbersome.

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