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notes go missing in shared view



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I've tried using the live help - but their does not seem to be any place visible to type.  Yes I am logged in.  Yes it is during the dedicated business hours.


I've tried sending a help email - but the submit button doesn't work.  It just isn't clickable no matter what I put in the forms.


I've asked on the forum and have no response.

Seriously?  How do I get help?

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Same issue here.
I joined a shared notebook and there is a glitch when scrolling down, it just disappears.

Another issue: Joined notebook isn't visible in any part of my original account notebooks, even in the 'Shared with me' section. Trued syncing the Joined notebooks functionality too but doesn't seem to work.


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Mine has done this for two years of paid service.  Across different browsers, and even different computers. So I assume it is account related.  I couldn't get any help or support on the issue and moved to onenote at my last billing.   I'm quite annoyed I paid for so long and couldn't even share - OR GET SUPPORT.

Yes same thing, when scrolling down the posts just disappear. You are not alone, good luck getting it fixed. 

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