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Adding a BIG "TABS" menu , a tab represents an aspect of our life , containing a group of tags




In my evernote in have 13 tags , everyone of them has around 6 sub tags 
and i have to navigate through that mess that contains  , for a specefic moment, only 15% of contextually relevant tags .
For example when im writing and navigating through personal stuff , im jumping from one tag to another , and they are many tags apart , and a mess .
would be so nice to click on a tab and have only my relevant tags appearing .

The thing is for one session of evernote , i might only use a group of tags related to the specefic part of my life im working on 
for example Work - life Managing - Inspiration - Music .

It would be just like having MODES in evernote , 
we could also thing of having a mode displaying different layouts of evernote , 
because we use evrnote differently when we change the "what" and "why" we are using it for at a specefic moment .

Im aware evernote explored shyly the idea through "personal/ work" division , 
but would be great to go further , 
evernote wanted to remain general
generality is standing on the way of context adaptability , 

and thats the kinda generality we want , 
instead of having our different "universes" through keep+ evernote+One note .



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