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Hide the annoying icons in pdf's

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In the pdf viewer the three icons for zooming in/out and adjust page are very often precisely blocking for my ability to select text. This is very annoying in my work flow. Is there any possibility to get rid of these? Have not been able to find anything in preferences.


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I was annoyed by this same feature. I believe I have read in other threads that there's currently no way to turn this off. The work-around I use is to right-click on the pdf and open it with a pdf viewer. My default pdf viewer is normally Chrome, but it has that exact same issue, so currently I use the free version of "PDF X-Change Editor." I do this for med school, because all my pdf's are 40+ pages, and I like using a split-screen to copy text from the pdf and paste it into an EN note or Word doc, and those icons are super disruptive when trying to go back and forth rapidly. I'm pretty sure Adobe pdf programs would work for this as well, but they might not be free, can't remember! PDF X-Change Editor is fantastic, though. 

So this is kind of an extra step, but maybe it could work for you.  Good luck!

P.S. If you use this approach, there's one problem that might come up with the current version of EN: If you use the EN clipper tool to add pdf's, when you go to right-click the pdf to open it, your chosen pdf viewer might not show up as an option. If this happens, the work-around is to download the pdf, and drag it into EN. 

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@Dave-in-Decatur: I already  almost only uses the mouse, and the text I need to select and copy are almost always in the lower right side of the pdf, so precisely when mouse gets to this point the icons roll in and covers what I need to select😬

@DJK72: My challenge is that I have a large number of pdf's typically one-page, so unfortunately this would make my workflow inefficient. 

Anyhow, thanks for your suggestions. Now I at least know that this cannot be solved my some kind of configuration.

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