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I can't log into evernote even though the internet is good

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The issue still persists when login with email address or username, not only Chrome but also Firefox. The Evernote application on Windows cannot sync.

Login with Google is okay.

I think @tu nguyen 12321321 cannot reply or verify because he/she cannot login.

2020-05-02 11_29_08-Window.png

2020-05-02 11_35_04-Window.png

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Hi Evernote team,

I encountered the exact same problem.

After I clicked sign in the page keeps saying "Loading...", both on Google Chrome and Safari,. I tried clearing cookie and browser data, logging in anonymously but to no avail.

When I tried to create a new account it gets HTTP ERROR 418, also I could not sign in to Desktop version as well, it tells me to upgrade the version all the time although I've already grabbed the latest one.

I asked my friend and he said he could log in normally with his account so I have no clue why mine wasn't working.

Could someone please address these issues? Thank you so much!

Screen Shot 2020-05-06 at 08.45.56.png

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Hi all,

I have installed Windows 10 on my PC, then I installed Evernote with the latest version.

Once done, I tried to open Evernote but I encountered an issue like below:


I tried disabling SSL 3.0 and enabled TLS then restarted the PC but it didn't work.

I tried installing Evernote with the older version but the error still occurred.


Does anyone resolve this problem?




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Hi.  Is this a home or work connection?  What country are you in?  It's possible that a firewall is preventing Evernote from connecting.

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