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Note is automatically duplicated when I edit a note.

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Hello.When I edit a note, suddenly  cursor jumped to the top of the note.And then this alert is displayed on screen.  

"We found more than one version of ○○ You can view the alternate"

Then,.Note is automatically duplicated(double, triple, blah blah)

How do I resolve this problem? I"ve already done log-out,shutdown, closing browser, cleaning cache.


・Usage environment

Windows 10 , evernote web new version and classic editor, google chroom 


Best regards.




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This sounds like the exact same behavior I'm experiencing on the new Evernote Web (haven't troubleshooted w/ old) on Chrome in Ubuntu Linux 16.04 LTS.

EDIT:  Just wanted to add that this is a bit troubling because of how it may count against my free upload quota.  I'm a recent college grad who's started getting serious about using Evernote now + would be down to support this amazing product once I can afford to.

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Added extra note about the free quota implications
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Thank you for your reply.

I understand your situation. After all, I've noticed that we couldn't  do anything to resolve this problem(coz I'm free account and don't have a support ticket  to report them this ), so we have to just wait for the dev to resolve this. 


Anyway, you good luck!


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Hi, and welcome to the forums. As you've seen, there have been many reports of this. (But it doesn't help to respond to multiple threads with the same report; it only confuses things, IMHO.) There are some indications of what's causing this toward the bottom of this thread:

I don't use Chrome, but I've had it happen in Opera one time. Supposedly it may be connected network difficulties.

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Current releases are MacOS 11.1 and EN Mac 10.6.9.

I am running these and don’t have issues with CPU or RAM. We will never see the performance of a native app, since EN is an app running inside of a browser session. Both need to be fired up and kept on RAM. But it works sufficiently well to do the job without excessive use of system resources.

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