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I've gone through a long set of notes and tagged these notes according to 5 categories. What I will next do is group all of these tagged notes into their particular tag designation. The aim is end up with 5 different documents according to their respective tags.  

To extract these bulk search results, I'm going back and forth copy/pasting, then resetting my search to again copy/paste, in an endless round. 

Ideally, I'd like to avoid this to and fro and have each of my searches  automatically collated /delivered as one note. 

I realize a bulk extract of this nature has issues -  e.g. how would Evernote know how much accompanying text to extract for each individual search result? Perhaps, if  it were possible to set a range/domain associated with the search term.

Can anyone suggest a way of achieving my desired outcome? All suggestions welcome.


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Evernote/Mac has a bulk merge function, but that's the entire note contents

Evernote/Mac also has Applescript integration   
The note contents can be accessed and a new note created

>>Perhaps, if  it were possible to set a range/domain associated with the search term.

If you can define the delimiters, the text can be extracted   
For example, I use [...] to identify specific text

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Ok, yep. Some sort of applescript. I think I might need to rethink the whole process and try another method of getting there. It's likely best to extract at the point of setting the tag and thus omit the search step out of the equation. As in tagging #1/#2 etc. Then highlighting associated text + set keystroke commands sends all highlighted text to Note #1/#2  etc accordingly.. On completion of my review I can then simply go to that note and further work with what I have. 

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