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Adresse conventionnelle d'une note dans Evernote

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Est-il possible d'exprimer l'adresse d'une note en fonction de ses signets ou à l'aide  d'expressions mémorisables ?

Dans le cas contraire, est-il possible d'utiliser des outils comme bitly ou tinyurl sans inconvénient ?

Il s'agit donc de remplacer l'adresse originale par une adresse raccourcie selon le modéle :

        https://tinyurl.com/simpleexemple                   au lieu de   https://stackoverflow.com/questions/35754006/direct-url-to-evernote-notebook-note-and-tag



Is it possible to express the address of a note according to its tags or using memorable expressions?

If not, is it possible to use tools like bitly or tinyurl without any inconvenience?

It is therefore a question of replacing the original address by a shortened address according to the model:
https://tinyurl.com/simpleexemple                    instead of https://stackoverflow.com/questions/35754006/direct-url-to-evernote-notebook-note-and-tag

Thank you 

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controlee de l'URL raccourcie; chez moi ça marche
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37 minutes ago, evjcg said:

is it possible to use tools like bitly or tinyurl without any inconvenience?

I'm guessing you're referring to the public shareable link generated for a note
No, Evernote does not provide the bitly function for a shortened URL

On my Mac, I get https://www.evernote.com/l/AApjqE9gNnRGPLQSgHXg5fq9L2X76JK64pY

On my iPad, I get Sample Note a properly formatted HTML link
The underlying url is https://www.evernote.com/shard/s10/sh/63a84f60-3674-463c-b412-8075e0e5fabd/2f65fbe892bae296444c20993610fb00
(interesting a different url from the Mac, both pointing to the same note)

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I have a Bitly account and use the browser extension to convert any URL that I view into a much shorter link. The link is also editable so "bit.ly/UKCP2019" <not a valid link> could take you directly to a note.  Shortened links are not universally popular if you're sharing - they can be used to hide malware pages.  Some trust and confidence is required by the user.

EDIT: Bitly will automatically give you some statistics on page (note) access should you need them,  and a new feature -for paid users- can advise immediately when the link is used. 

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Thank you,


The shortened addresses envisaged are for my personal use. Despite this limited use, I feared that tinyurl or bitly addresses

could be the subject of chronological publications and subject to research by specialists

Good bye

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