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Weird: Evernote, PDF files and... Cyclemeter

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I am having this really weird problem with Evernote on my S10 phone.

When I try to open a PDF file, from within an Evernote note, the Adobe Acrobat splash screen will appear for a brief moment, then the phone will switch to the Cyclemeter app, tring to open the PDF file with it.

The problem still exists after a complete reinitalisation of my phone.

I wrote to Cyclemeter developers about it. Then I realized that all the PDF files elsewhere on my phone, or in a Google Drive, would open normally, with Adobe Acrobat. Only the PDF files from within an Evernote note would have this very strange behaviour. So it does not appear to be a Cyclemeter problem. But just in case, as you can see on the screenshot, no file types are associated with Cyclemeter. Certainly not the PDF files.

Any clue??? 



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I think there have been similar reports regarding the Evernote Android app attempting to use non-default apps to open attached documents. Unless someone can offer a solution here, since you have a Premium subscription, your best course may be to contact Evernote support.

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