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Numbers go to the end of lines; instead of first, and period go the first of lines; instead of the end.

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(Updated Evernote on Windows 10)

I created a note and change the direction of a paragraph to right for Persian Languages that written from right to left. It's okay, but when I want to have lines with numbers (inserted manually or automatic numbered list), the number goes to the end of lines, instead of placed in the first of line where I start to write my letters after numbers and the periods that must be placed at the end of a sentence; goes to the first of lines. 
Does Evernote need to improve for the right to left languages to fix these problems or there's a hidden feature or trick that I don't know?

I expect Evernote behaves like MS Word or any standard word processors in these situations, so I can write a note smoothly and fast in action. But as I see I can't write my notes in number modes correctly.



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