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"message" is not a valid URL type

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I have created an OSX automater script to create message URLs from selected mail.app messages (these look like message://%3cxxxxxx%3e where xxxxx is the message ID eg message://%3c0F1021B1-AEE8-411F-AA99-66BDBD43E499@abc.com%3e). This is to let me keep track of emails in a log book - Mail.app will handle these links an open the email which has the given message ID.

Unfortunately if I paste these into Evernote as text it thinks the inner part is an email address.

Also, the 'Add link' dialogue does not allow me to create such a link (the OK button remains greyed out)

If I create a web page with this URL and copy the link it works correctly though (although amusingly you can't edit the URL)

evernote message ID bug.png

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