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When I open Evernote on my iPhone 11, I get the pop up message "Your note has reached the Plus size limit. Your file could not be attached because it put your note over the 50 MB size limit. Upgrade to attach up to 200MB to each note" I can click a hyperlink  "stop syncing these notes" to proceed to the app and enter notes. When I check my notes on the Evernote website, so far the biggest one is 1 MB. Where is this over the limit message coming from and how do I get rid of it. I have the Plus account. Thank you. Also, the notes I do make appear to sync across devices fine.

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I had a similar problem and wasted WAY too much time, but finally found a way to locate the offending note.  In the iOS app, tap on your account / profile icon, then go to support.  Under support, you can find "Activity Log".  Email that to yourself.  It's long, arcane, hard to read, but the log will list the title of the note(s) that it's unable to sync due to their size.  Sample text from mine: 

checkContraintsForNoteWithGuid:localID:title:contentLength:resourceCount:isDangling:totalNoteSize:deltaNoteSize:inLocalStore:] | 412bcafe-04ba-478e-94c3-69e36b28315c 'The iPod-Modding Community Insists There's Never Been a Better Digital Sound | OneZero' totalNoteSize=26526851, maximumNoteSize=26214400, refusing to upload
2020/07/02 15:51:01:511 E|*** 40927 -[ENSyncEngine(Errors) addSyncErrorForObjectWithID:title:message:underlyingError:] | Adding error: Error Domain=ENSyncEngineErrorDomain Code=-2000 "It is too large.  The maximum size for a note in a Basic account, including all of its resources, is 25 MB."
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