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Will legitimate handwriting/drawing support ever be added??



I've been a pretty loytal evernote user for a decade. Most of my thoughts, journaling, planning, writing, etc, go into evernote. But increasingly, I like taking notes and writing on my ipad with the pencil and marking up pdfs etc with Notability (or I may contemplate good notes). If I could start really organizing things, using tags etc, I'd perhaps exclusively move to an app like these, since handwriting/drawing has become such a huge part of my digital life now.

The experience on ipad with apple pencil with evernote is mediocre. Drawing a one page "sketch" is a horrible experience if I really want to take legitimate notes like this. Using apps like penultimate or exporting to evernote is cumbersome and is too much overhead. I'd rather keep notes in a app that does them well. 

I'm sad evernote dropped the ball on this and hasn't upped their game in this area. Will they ever do it? Is it even on the roadmap? Evernote is slowly becoming less and less a part of my daily life, but I wish that wasn't the case. I really believe Evernote will become less and less relevant if it doesn't solve this problem soon. 


By the way. I would be happy to pay extra for this feature. I also know that technically it may be difficult given Evernote notes are html, which makes integrating drawing awkward. This is likely why drawing right now consists of sticking an image in a note. I'd be happy with a compromise: i.e. canvas/drawing/pdf notes, or purely text/html notes.. or something like only drawing / handwriting with text on new notes and old html notes only have sketches. 

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57 minutes ago, brenter said:

But increasingly, I like taking notes and writing on my ipad with the pencil and marking up pdfs etc with Notability

I"m also a Notability fan   
The documents are stored in Evernote as note attachments

>>I'm sad evernote dropped the ball on this and hasn't upped their game in this area. Will they ever do it? 

Evernote is a text based product, using an enml base format (basically html)

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Totally agree - Penultimate which like Skitch is in the Evernote ecosystem has been left languishing, I find myself increasingly buying other apps to fulfill functions and then integrating them into my business EN account.

The leadership is remaining quiet, which is a concern. 

Google or Apple should buy Evernote as the current corporate strategy isn't working.

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I'm looking at e-ink notebook tablets (reMarkable, Boox, Sony DPT) and the big sticking point for me is how I might possibly migrate with EN. I'm really stumped as to why this wouldn't be on EN radar. I'm currently using moleskins but find the capture - while brilliant a few years ago - is now (comparatively) very cumbersome. e-ink and EN seem like such a natural match

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