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Note Missing after Encrypt Selected Text

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Last night, to protect sensitive information, I opted to enable the "Encrypt Selected Text" feature. Everything was fine; I set up the passphrase, saved it with a hint and then exited the program for the evening. Today, I tried to open the Note but I was unable to enter the passphrase. Then the box that you enter the code in disappeared! Any insight or possible solution is appreciated and welcome.

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Typically if the pass phrase doesn't work it's not right.  The box disappearing means you inadvertently typed over it probably after the pass phrase didn't take..  I have done this before, thinking I have the dialog open but I have actually just highlighted the box.  And away goes the encrypted text.  Being a premium subscriber I can get the previous version back.   You can subscribe for a month if the information is important to you.


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So I have to be a paid customer to recover the data?! Oh well, guess I'll just have to manually re-enter the information. A pain but I don't use Evernote enough to warrant paying for, yet, another subscription. Thanks for the info; appreciate it.

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