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Keeps Signing Into an Unknown Device

Lori P


I have a problem where when I try to sign in at times, it takes me to a page where it says too many devices are being used. I click on there to remove a device and it's signed into an iPhone. I have never had an iPhone. I have removed it a few times but apparently I went over the limit and this month and it says only you only remove a device two times in a month. So now I am stuck with the only option of upgrading if I want to access my notes! Why does it keep signing into some unknown device and how do I stop it?



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A ) You can always enter EN by using the WebClient through a browser. This is never counted as a device.

B ) This is the small problem. The large one is that probably others (=hackers) are entering your account. This creates the „unknown device“. They hide behind an iPhone signature, but they use full size computers. It is not a breach at the EN side - most likely you are using a password you use for other services as well. It was stolen there, and fits your EN account as well - and maybe more accounts you use.

C ) You have to make your account secure again. It was described several times in the forum, search for the procedure. In general: Change your own password, deauthorize the unknown device, if wanted install 2FA. And look for other services you are using with the same access codes.

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