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odd behavior with two screens


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I've encountered an odd problem recently, and, in the hope that there is a simple and obvious solution, I thought I would mention it here before I approach the Evernote help staff.

Here is an image below of what's happening. I am using a Surface Pro with a second larger screen. I usually place EN on this second screen but occasionally shift it over to the original Surface Pro screen, and when I do that, as you can see, the image becomes scrambled. The text of the note no longer appears below the list of notes but instead compresses itself into a tiny rectangle superimposed on the list. The note is no longer editable (or even readable, for that matter) as long as I keep EN on the Surface Pro screen, but it reverts to its normal behavior when I move EN back to the larger screen.

This began happening without warning a few weeks ago, and it does not affect any other app that I use. I'm of course at home now, but when the libraries reopen and I again start using EN on my Surface Pro there, this will become a serious matter. Any thoughts?

Evernote display problem.jpg

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