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Premium for 10 devices - different accounts under the same umbrella



Hi, I would like to upgrade to the premium account.

It say that this account will be available for 10 different devices. I need it on 5 and would like to give the possibility to use this account to other 5 devices of my family members. Is it possible under this unique premium account to have separate notes for me and my family members and not to give access to the personal notes to the other members. Every component and users can have access to his own private notes with his own pin or password? Otherwise we all use a basic account for each one of us. 


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13 hours ago, Sixo said:

It say that this account will be available for 10 different devices.

I don't believe this is meant to include 10 separate users.  If you did share an account as you describe,  everyone would have access to everyone else's notes,  and there would be frequent errors as more than one device tried to access the same account at the same time.  Separate basic accounts is a far better way to go.  If any single user starts to find the restrictions of the basic account too limiting,  then one more more of them could upgrade.

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