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I'm a short story writer who is new to Evernote. I'm having issues with the tab/indent. I want to start a paragraph with an indent but I just want the beginning to be indented versus the whole paragraph having an indent. 

Is there a way to have it that way instead of clicking the space bar five times? It's kind of annoying have to do that. Is there a way to indent the first line versus the whole paragraph?

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Hi.  Just hit 'tab' on the keyboard?  Or - since the overall editing capabilities of Evernote are not great (though they are allegedly currently working on that...) - you could use another app with more options and attach the output file to a note so you have the convenience of access anywhere you can open Evernote.  NB editing on another device will only be possible if the app you used is also available there.

(If you need the content of your note added to the search index,  just copy and paste the finished version before you close.)

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I too would love an answer to being able to simply hit the tab key to indent the first line of the paragraph.  It's 9 months after the original post, hopefully someone is tracking this.  Seems like an easy solution, but I don't program.

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EN is build on a simple editor, designed to work in a lean fashion for note taking. Plain, simple notes, no bells & whistles.

For every more advanced editing feature switch to a word processor, and attach the document to a note. Word processors use an elaborate ruler mechanism for tab stops, indents and the like. I assume that EN is not going to implement something similar just to increase the „neatness“ of notes.

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