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Possible sync problem if not synced for months

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I have a strange problem. I have multiple devices with Evernote installed (Windows, iOS). On one iPhone, I do not use often the app, so it it sometimes closed for months. On my other devices, my inbox had 30-40 issues only, and sync are done all the time.

When I open the app on the old iPhone, it syncs again a bunch of old notes to the server, and I end up on other devices with 301 notes in my inbox instead of 30-40 (all dated by today). These notes have been sorted in other notebooks,  but for a strange reason, the old iPhone uploads again some notes in the inbox. Often these are old notes. I do not know what selection criteria he uses.

I have to spend time again to organize these old notes in their respective notebooks again. At the end, all devices are synced with 250 new notes.

In case my device is synced in background, I have no sync problems. It is only when I have a device that is not synced for months, where I have a problem, and I end up with old notes.

Anyone has seen this error where old notes gets restored ?

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No, but I have my devices synced much more often. Anyhow on an i-device (unless you have set notebooks to be „offline“) the notes itself will not be stored on the device. There will only be enough data on the iPhones Flash memory for browsing and search. The actual note will only load from the Server when selected - one at a time.

It may be that the place of the note needs to be modified when syncing - this should always follow the status on the server. The only exception would be if the note itself was modified on the phone, like moving it to another notebook. The the server will update from the phone. So maybe there was old information like this on the unsynced phone that led to the conflicting movements on the server.

As a workaround you could uninstall and reinstall the app. This will force a full sync, and no conflicting data From the iPhone will interfere.

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Thanks for the reply.

On one desktop, I didn't sync, so I could see for one note that it was stored in another notebook instead of the inbox. Last modif date was Dec 2019. So after the sync on my desktop, this note got moved to the inbox. I also have a lot of empty, "untitled" notes (merged notes?).

Strange all this.

Now, I have set the Evernote sync as background process on my phone, so it will sync the whole time.

This is definitely a sync problem with some old notes from 2019. I use Evernote for years, and syncing has always been a bit of a problem for this software.

Re-installing the app is maybe a good idea...

Thanks for your support Pinky 🙂

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