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Weird blank entry in my notebook website end

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My notebook looks perfectly normal using mac app or mobile app , but it looks super weird using browser. It seems that one note (made in 2020/04/28) is replicating itself and not able to be deleted.

The total notes number of this notebook in the notebook link is also wrong using browser. However it is correct using mac app or mobile app.

I think there is a bug on web end. Wonder if anyone could fix it. Many thanks.

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Hello, and welcome to the forums. We're other users here, and would not be able to fix this. Evernote staff do sometimes look in, but this is basically user-to-user support. It looks like you're using the beta version of the Web editor. What happens if you switch to the older version of the Web client (click your account name at top left and select that from the menu)? There have been other reports of notes duplicating in the beta, though not recently. You can search for them in the Web editor forum: https://discussion.evernote.com/forum/235-web-client/. Some of the information there might be helpful.

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An update: I've now experienced this too, after editing a note produced multiple duplications of it, and then a process I tried to use to remove the duplicates ended up permanently deleting the note itself--but leaving these stupid blank entries. See my post here:

EDIT: I see that the block of non-notes seems to have disappeared now that the Web beta has updated to v. 6.12.0 in Opera.

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