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(Archived) Feature Request - Automation with Rules

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I'm using evernote since a couple of years now, and eventually went for the Premium version of the subscription (iPhone and Mac OS X) about a year ago.

According to the fact I often send information via mail & drag-n-drop to evernote, I would appreciate being able to automate some notes management according to a set of rule across the client Apps on phone and desktop. The same way emails can be routed in some mail boxes with the usual mail apps, I'd like to route notes according to their title, email address included in it, etc. This would save time for me, especially for those of my notes regularly getting into my evernote default inbox, such as reporting (business and/or expenses), online ordering confirmation emails, etc, which I would like to be automatically moved into specific evernote folders.



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Currently you can achieve exactly what you wish by using the Rules feature of your email program.

When you email a Note into Evernote, use this format for the Subject Line and then the Note will be filed exactly as you wish:

This is the subject @Notebook #Tag

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Count me in for this feature request. I teach with Moodle and it sends automated emails when assignments are completed and etc. (which I send to Evernote). I don't think I can modify the subject of these automated emails. Even if it's possible to modify the subject field (in Moodle's settings), it's not practical since many teachers use it.

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I would love to see some type of simple e-mail automation where as Evernote receives e-mail that tags can be assigned based on search terms in from: to: subj: lines. The @ and # identifiers work well for assigning tags and notebooks from e-mail that I send, but I use gmail based rules to automatically forward e-mail to Evernote and this then requires manually assigning the tags and notebooks.

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