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History: Note Disappeared

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I have a free account. A note has disappeared! And I'm beside myself. In all my years of using Evernote, a note has never gone missing.

I don't see a "History" option.

Why do I have to pay to retrieve a note that vanished -that I didn't do or inadvertently do?

It looks like I have to pay for a premium membership to receive support. I am disheartened over this.

Please advise.

Thank you kindly.


Kelly Guzman








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Franchement ce n'est pas bien de payer pour récuperer une note perdu. Je mais je pense que tu peut retrouver ta note tête reposer. Je faite une réclamation au service client. 


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Hello @ebizmarket — welcome to the forums.   

Have you tried looking in Trash/Deleted notes?

Have you tried searching for content in the note that is not in the title (in case it got accidentally retitled)?

I'lll assume you have already adjusted your view of "All Notes" to show by Date Created and also Date Updated  ?


Good luck!

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