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(Archived) Feature request: timed reminders and random cycling of notes

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It would be nice if you could schedule a note to appear on the day you need to be reminded of it. I'm referring to something like David Allen's tickler file where you have a folder for everyday of the month and one for every month of the year. You can put a note, slip of paper, reminder, receipt etc in the December folder, for example, so that when the month of December rolls around you have the note appear at the appropriate time. You simply dump the piece of information in the right folder and clear your mind, assured that you will be reminded of it before it's too late. For Evernote, I'm thinking you could have the note appear in the notification/promotion area.

Another idea would be to have a random note of the day appear as well. This could introduce some serendipity and refresh your memory of older notes. These are just some thoughts. Please reply if these are in the works or would be considered useful.

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