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Annotating next to PDF/PPT slides?

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Considering switching from OneNote to Evernote (Onenote functionality is perfect, but has way too many sync issues for me). 

Only problem is, I can't seem to figure out how to annotate like I need to. 

Is there a way to insert a PDF/PPT slides into evernote without the scrolling feature? I need each PDF page/PPT slide to basically be inserted as images, and I need the ability to add text/draw next to and directly onto these slides. 

See example of OneNote (PPT slides would be where those blank boxes are). 

What's the easiest way to do this on EverNote? 


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Hi.  It's not possible to attach a multi-page file to an Evernote note and have it show up as single pages which you can then annotate and draw on.  The Powerpoint app allows you to do something like that with slides,  but Evernote does not.  PDF files will appear as a scrollable window or an icon. 

You could (I guess) export the individual pages of either PPT or PDF files (using their individual editor software) as images and save them to a note (within a table to control the size and layout) with additional commentary - the individual images could also be annotated or drawn on as necessary. 

The source files could also be attached to the note and edited if further changes are required.

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Another method might be, when viewing the PDF or PPT page, to use Evernote's screen capture function (Win key + PrintScreen). That will let you select an area of the screen, which is immediately pasted into a new note as a .png image. You can annotate that image using Evernote's annotation function (right-click on image, then Annotate This Image, or Annotate a Copy of This Image). The screenshot below shows an example of this, done by clipping from @dan555555's post, and in Evernote adding (clumsily) the word THIS) at the bottom. Individual notes created this way (it won't add an image to an existing note) can later be merged together as needed.

Evernote screen clip annotation test.jpg

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