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Scroll tables horizontally hotkey doesn't work

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Hello everyone! I already read "How to create and customize tables", and the guide states you can do that "holding the Shift key on your keyboard while scrolling with your mouse (Windows)".

Simply put it doesn't work. The problem is really annoying on desktop when you have a big table, and are forced to scroll all the way down to reach the bar for horizontal scrolling...

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Yes, exact same problem here! Extremely annoying to always having to scroll down before going sideways.

This problem is definitely unique to evernote, because it works fine in all other programs I tested.

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  • 9 months later...

Yes, same problem here!

It existed in Window 7 Pro 64-bit and now in Windows 10 Pro 64-bit - This is extremely annoying and impractical for any table larger than 5 - 6 rows & columns.  Please advise what system information the devs need in order to fix this issue as I would be happy to help.

Thank you.

Edit - I just noticed this thread exists in Version 6.25.1 ... attaching a screenshot to show the version is much more recent - but, this issue seems to have always been there... Do we need to start a new thread for the more current version?


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