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Photo Collage and Crop Photos

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Hi i am an orthopedic surgeon who heavily uses Evernote on a daily basis. infact, nearly every patient i see - i take a minimum of 2 xrays pict, wound picts, and intraoperative picts. I would like to collage these photos either on my laptop or Samsung Note but there is no easy way. For example, i take a front and a lateral view xray photo - and i would like to collage them into one single photo.

How about simple photo editing - especially to crop photos. for the time being, the easiest to use is microsoft paint on my laptop. the integration is so good, that i right click the photo to open in paint, crop it and only click save. the photo is immediately updated in my evernote patient file. wowzers!. and i dont even have to save the pic temporarily elsewhere and update the photo again.

if Evernote has something like this to collage photos, would be a tremendous help to my daily work and routine. If anyone here as a quick fix to the problem i have, kindly share. 
Meanwhile, stay safe, and mask on, always.

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Hi.  No image editing options at all I'm afraid.  If your various images come as digital files you could attach them to a note (subject to a fairly generous note size limitation) within a table. 

The images are constrained in size by the table layout - you basically see thumbnails.  Double clicking any image starts a Gallery session which will step through all the images at full screen size.  Evernote however is not (AFAIK) HIPAA compliant,  which may be a factor...

On 4/25/2020 at 10:34 AM, Dr.AzmiShah said:

stay safe, and mask on, always

You too. Much respect. 

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59 minutes ago, burbigo1 said:

Hey, I hope you're all doing great 

I just wanted to ask if there will be an image editing option in the future ? Cause that would be really useful and practical.

Sorry - Evernote don't (usually) comment on what may,  or may not be in development.  What you currently see is all you get until something new gets released. 

My personal view would be: it's highly unlikely,  given the kazillion other very capable image editors that already exist.  Evernote also is not a spreadsheet / calendar / mind map / outliner app;  and if you start to add extra bells and whistles to the features.  where does it stop?

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