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Cut and Paste into Code Block not working with blank lines.

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I am seeing an issue where If I copy text and try and paste into a Code Block it will only work if the text copied does not contain a blank line.  Any text that does NOT have blank line seems to work o.k.

I am able to paste into the note itself, but not into a Code Block.

Any ideas why this is happening or how to fix it?

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Hi, I was coping code from TextEdit on a mac into the code block (chrome browser),  I just tried again with the same code and it failed to paste again

If I remove the blank lines in TextEdit it pasts in fine.

If I create a new file in Visual Studio Code, a few fines of text, new line, and a few more lines of text.  I still am unable to paste this into a code block.

It might be a chrome issue



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Apologies I didn't even see that bit, on my work MAC I'm not allowed to install unofficial software hence using the web browser, I haven't tied it on the PC yet which to see if I get the same issue.  Google found this post :)

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