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Evernote, Catalina, and ScanSnap

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Robert Applebaum

476 Crystal St.

New Orleans, LA 70124



April 23, 2020


Dear Sir or Madam:


I used Evernote, a great file organizer, with Fujita’s ScanSnap S1300 happily and efficiently for several years until I upgraded from Mac High Sierra to Mac Catalina recently. I had an inkling that that scanner would no longer work with Evernote.


Fujita said that their ScanSnap1300i was reportedly supported in Mac OS Catalina 10.15. It sold for $386 and I bought if from Amazon. I installed Fujita’s ScanSnap Home 1.7.0(8) with ScanSnap update 3.0.22.


When I scan a two page document or a one page document (with data front and back), it goes into ScanSnap Home as a single document, that is no page difference. It does not go into Evernote, The document can be dragged into Evernote by dropping it on the Evernote icon. However you cannot unlink or rotate the document in Evernote.

Obviously, you cannot do a merge because all scanned information is already linked,

even the blank or worthless pages. This is not acceptable as there is no ability to merge or trash individual pages.


I then read about an app called VueScan 9 x 64 (9.7.26) from hamrick.com. They suggested that I could use my HP Office Jet Pro 8610 printer/scanner (and faxer) to scan documents into my computer and into Evernote. So I bought VueScan for $45.Then I found out that I had to upgrade from the standard edition to the professional edition for another $50.


I upgraded to 9 x 64 (9.7.27) but the upgrade did not persist, but I doubt that would have made a difference. I scanned two pages from my HP printer using VueScan and it did scan into Evernote, but if it scanned sideways into Evernote and there was no ability to rotate the page or to delete an individual page, again unacceptable.


You can scan individual pages from the HP scanner, but this is a real pain and you have to put in one sheet at a time. You can then merge or delete in Evernote, but the pages are still sideways unless you put them correctly oriented in the scanner. They are not rotatable in Evernote and could be in 180 degrees different directions.


I did subsequently find a way in VueScan to rotate the pages but feeding pages in one at a time is unacceptable.


Also when you scan a page in VueScan it opens up in full screen - if you click the red close button you have then to reopen Evernote. However, you can click the yellow minimize button and Evernote will reopen.


Evernote has said that it will work with the Fujitsu iX1500 scanner. I am now considering buying this scanner for $400. Before I do that, I would like some reassurance from Evernote and/or Fujita that I will be able to scan with the ease and  intricacy that used to exist with ScanSnap 1300 before the Catalina upgrade.

This is when you could directly scan into Evernote multiple pages and you could then rotate, delete, merge and file pages with ease.


I realize this is a lengthy letter, but I wanted you to know the details. Responses would be greatly appreciated.



Robert Applebaum



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Hi Robert.  This is a public user forum,  so first  may I strongly recommend that you edit your post to remove your personal information which is currently available to everyone.

Second - as we're mainly user-supported - no one can offer you any assurances that your proposed scanner / device will work as you require,  though quite a few users here (I believe) have a similar setup and the IX500 seems to be a popular model.

Some of my Mac-user colleagues on here may be able to comment further - I use Windows and an old Fujitsu S1500 so can't really help with that...

Don't forget to zap your details!!

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To cut a long story short: I could not find out on the Fujitsu web site whether the current ScanSnap Home software for the Mac supports your Scanner. The ScanSnap-Manager SW can not be used on Catalina. So I assume it can use the current ScanSnap Home, even when your scanner was discontinued in 2017.

The secrets of running a ScanSnap with Catalina and ScanSnapHome are these:

  1. After you installed the software on the Mac, make sure it gets all access right in the Catalina settings, Privacy & Security. Check each category in the Privacy tab, and wherever you find ScanSnap, check it. Make sure it saves the settings by unlocking the lock before, and relook it after.
  2. Then you need to open the ScanSnapHome application, and connect the scanner to your computer. There is an assistant to do so via USB cable, and it will set up the WiFi connection as well. It only supports 2.4 GHz-WiFi.
  3. When the scanner is operational, open the scanning window. In the scanning window (at my Mac it is in the Macs menu bar, to the right, and sometimes hardly visible because it is grayed out when the scanner is off) you can choose, edit and create Profiles. Set up profiles to fit your scanning jobs. I have created 3 of them that load directly into Evernote (among others), one for simplex (one-sided), one for duplex (front and rear) and one for high resolution. You need to give them access rights to save into your EN account. When you want to scan into EN, choose the right profile for the job before scanning.
  4. There are a lot of options hidden in the tabs of the profiles, so take your time to look through them, and pick the right options. One of them is the OCR for pdfs („make pdf readable“). When you choose this, the OCR will be done on the Mac and saved with the pdf, not by EN on the server and saved in the note. The options for Auto-rotating pages, check and delete empty pages and create titles from content are there as well.

And I agree: Compared with a good scanner (I am using the ix500) a multifunction-printer as a Scanner can be a real PITA. My MuFu-Printer just serves as a backup. If I have only a few pages to scan, I mostly use my iPhone.

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