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Looking for a way to find which notes have been shared

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Hi all,

Here is my problem :

I have a few thousand notes written by different people in my company. Most of these notes contain no private informations, but some does, in one notebook in particular.

I would like to check whether the notes that contain private info have been shared using a public URL (which would be a problem as you can imagine) and desactivate the sharing if so.

I contacted the chat support, apparently my only option is to go in each note one by one and check whether the public sharing is activated or not ... it works but would require a few days of work.

Any idea on how to do it easily ?

1) Is there a way to desactivate the possibility of sharing for all the notes in a particular notebook ?

2) Is there a way to show  in the note list a column with the type a sharing that has been set up for each note ?

3) Is there a way to find notes that have a public URL from "all the notes" ? (using regular expression ?)

Any idea welcome !

Thank you.



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16 minutes ago, gromeg said:

3) Is there a way to find notes that have a public URL from "all the notes" ? (using regular expression ?)

Search       sharedate:*

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