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moving note from private to business ntoebook resp spaces

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Both accounts used to be more overlapping, but this was changed a few years ago.

The idea behind it is that once an employee gets an EN  business account, he gets a Premium private account as well. Now let the employee leave the company. In this situation all business related data stays with the company, and all privat data goes with the employee. The employee can step down to Basic, or continue the Premium account on his own.

If you want to send information from one account to the other, you have to use the „share“ option.

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Dear pink elephant,


thnak you I am aware of it as an EN consultant. 

was only mentioning that in the web version it is not possible to move a note from a private account to a business notebook - which is possible on the desktop and mobile version. 

bets regards

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Since I do not have a Business account, I can't try: Did you use the new editor, or the classical one when trying this ? The web client is handicapped in some functions when using the new editor. It is nice to have the additional editing powers, but it still is not fully integrated.

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