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An Unsynced Device Keeps Syncing



I have three devices:

- my Android cell phone
- my Macbook Pro laptop
- my old iPhone that I use just for a noisemaker app (So the phone is plugged up, on, and connected to my Wifi, but I only use one app on it)

I want my Evernote account to be connected to my Android phone and my laptop. I have unsynced my app from the iPhone a thousand times, but last month, it said I only have "two available unsyncs" a month. I unsynced and completely deleted the app off my phone. Restarted my phone. And today, I get the same message on my laptop. It's kicked me out of the app and says I've exhausted my unsyncs. It makes no sense. I don't even have the app on my iPhone anymore. Help!


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I'm having this issue too.

I had used Evernote on an iPhone years ago but that iPhone is no longer used. It's not powered on, the wifi isn't on the same network, it doesn't have 4G (because it's not used).

Yet it still syncs to my account. Every week or so I have to unsync it but it somehow still lists itself as synced. 

I've looked at other threads saying this is a security issue but I've changed my password since this started and it's still happening so it's clearly a bug.

It's incredibly frustrating having to unsync my old device every week or so when it really can't possibly be syncing itself.

At this point I'm considering just switching note apps because this is so frustrating and apparently has been an issue for years with Evernote, judging by similar posts.

Please fix this, dev team.

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I have this same problem. I only *have* two devices, and yet I continually get a message that I am over the two device limit. When I go to unsync a device it has the same iphone listed twice. I can unsync one version of it and then it works, but now I've run out of unsyncs. This makes the application unusable for me. Does anyone know why this is happening?

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