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Weird scrolling behaviour

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I was updating a EN note in MacOS and then thought I would take a look at it in the Web version (using Safari 13.1) and I was updating from both editors one after the other. Then I noticed this weird scrolling behaviour with a ghost image of the text rolled over a static version of the text. I captured a video of it and attached it.


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Wow - ghostery on the web client !

Did you use the new (betaish) editor at that moment, or the classical version ? Probably the new one. They are still testing things out, so it may happen that this client develops new behavior from time to time. 

To work in a stable environment always use the old / classical editor.

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Yes, it is often a good place to get some help or discuss an issue - but in general from other users only.

If you want to place a bug report, you need to issue a support ticket.

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