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Twilight Zone music should play.

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I will try to keep this short.  I'll start out with where I am now--I don't know what Evernote data will be on my Mac tomorrow.

Evernote would freeze every so often. I ran Etrecheck and found it was crashing multiple times each day.  I wrote in and was told to look for a check mark in notes to identify any that were not synced.  I responded and asked if there were some easier way to see the checkmarks as it was going to take me a long time to check 3,000 notes.  I was then told to move a large folder from my library top to my desktop so it would rebuild the index.    That's not something I do much and didn't feel confident.  I was getting some warnings about quitting Evernote so I sent another note in.  I then got a message back to back up my data. I responded that I had already done what I was told and was worried about exiting.  Then I noticed that there were only five notes on my computer out of the almost 3,000.  My iphone and online seemed to have the correct amount.  I still didn't know what the crashes were from but knew I wanted to avoid my computer overriding the 3,000 notes during a sync.   I was instructed to use option-sync several times which did nothing.  Meanwhile I'd sent Etrecheck reports, system log files and Evernote log files.  I understand there is a sequence to be followed in problem solving, but at the same time,  there were errors in directions, which didn't leave me feeling secure.

This is about 9 days into the process with as many as 3 or 4 emails back and forth each day.

Then I got a message that my case was being transferred to Tech Support.  I thought I was talking to tech support but apparently not. I had a real "syncing" feel in my stomach.  I got mew info fr,m Tech Support and just to be certain wrote back a history as there were so many emails, one could get lost.  He confirmed that he understood and said to go ahead.   The first instruction was to  "Exit all Evernote Accounts."  No such item appeared in the menu.  I've written back 3 times but that was over he    But I didn't have such a command.  That was Friday and I've emailed back.

So it's about now 14 days since I contacted them. I still had five notes on my Mac and 3k online and phone.  That is until about an hour ago.

An hour ago I checked again. It appears all the notes suddenly reappeared after about a week;

I ran Etrecheck again and there haven't been any crashes.

When the data disappears then re-appears a week later, I get nervous.  During this period, I searched for how to do a backup or copy/export data from my iphone or online, but saw nothing.  I don't know if tomorrow my data will disappear again.

Can anyone offer a suggestion about:

a) the initial crashes

b) the problem quitting Evernote after moving the library folder

c) the reason I lost most of the notes on my Mac.

d) Why it didn't sync

e) Why the notes spontaneously re-appeared

f) Is there a way for me to backup online or from my phone if this happens again.

g) What I should do to avoid problems

h) How I can tell if the three locations have the same data.

i) How I will be able to sleep.

End Twilight Zone Music.

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