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Evernote Web Crashes Chrome and Opera

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Is anyone else having this problem?______

Opera will show tab crashed out of memory, and if I refresh, then the entire browser will exit.

Chrome will load, but for example when I tried to change the sort from relevance, to one of the last updated orders, it just causes Chrome to exit.




I am using a Dell Optiplex, with Windows 10 1909 32bit,  current with updates

Both Chrome and Opera are latest version.

This was also occurring mostly with Opera on a previous machine, but I figured it was because of it had Windows 7 64bit.



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What version of the Web client are you using? I'm using the Web beta v. 6.9.0 in Opera (up to date), and have not had this problem (though I have had this other one). Occasionally I switch to the older version of the Web client, but I haven't had crashes there either. (Switching versions is accomplished by clicking on your account name/initial on the left and using the dialog that appears; in the beta, the version number is there too.)

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