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Notes get lost empty if account is over quota?

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Has anybody noticed a similar problem? Whenever my account is over quota and I try to create a new note, the note gets lost. The note is still there with the title it was saved but the note is completely empty and the content of the note disappeared. It happened a few times (well I don't dare to try to do that since it's a bad idea).

It used to be Evernote application would still allow me to create the note but it wouldn't allow upload to server. Now it seems from what I experience is when I am over the quota, the application doesn't even keep the note. I wouldn't say it happens every time but it does happen a few times.

On Mac OS.

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Hi.  Sorry for your issues,  but I'm always bemused when people say "but when I went past the Minefield!! sign things started to blow up..." - yeah;  that's what Upload LIMIT means.  Bad Things May Happen if you go past this marker...  Do not assume that there's a safety net.  If you have another email address,  set up another account to hold the overspill,  or buy more capacity online.  Evernote may have tightened up the restrictions,  but that's because they're a business and need to make a profit.  Free use is possible,  but only within strict limits.

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The Free Ride has its limits. If you know in advance that for a period of time you have to file away more than usual, you can go for Premium for that time (like a month) and fall back to Basic after it.

Just make sure to stay under the limit for individual notes in Basic even then, because if the note is larger (as Premium allows), you will not be able to download and modify it while on Basic. Editing requires a new upload, which can’t be executed when the note exceeds the set limits.

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