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Missing toolbar in notes on Android

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When I open a new note, the usual toolbar for editing/formatting is completely missing on my tablet Samsung Tab S6 but they are there on my phone Note 8.

How can the toolbar show up once again?  I've uninstalled and reinstalled the app to no avail.


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Tried that, it doesn't show up. I see the tags, info and reminder buttons next to the title of the notebook but at the bottom where there used to be that toolbar there's nothing. Write,  type, click, double tap, etc. nothing brings up the toolbar on my tablet. Any other suggestions? 

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Okay, so perhaps the same thing happened to me. After great frustration, updating the app, and uninstalling/reinstalling, in tapping around all of the various options in the Android app, I tapped on the a icon at the top of the page (between the redo icon in the attachments icon). Lo and behold, the formatting toolbar is back! A bit embarrassing, but I thought I'd share it in case this is the issue you're facing too. 🙄

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The note style formatting bar is gone and I cannot get it back. I'm using Evernote 8.13.2 on an Android 8.0.0 system that I've been using Evernote on for *YEARS*. How do I get it back?


Focus is on the note content, text, not the title.


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