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Create many notes from PDF files

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I've about 100 PDF Files and i would like to create sperate Notes with each file. How i can do this?

As i tried to drag & drop, it has been created just one note with all files together.

Thanks for your help in advance.

Best regards.

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Or if you want to do it manually, open Explorer with the pdf files, right click and share the file into EN. Each share will be in its own note.

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45 minutes ago, nizo67 said:

Any reply or help?

Per @DTLow try using the import folder capability, Tools - Import Folders.  With this you create a linkage between a folder in Windows and a Notebook in EN.  To be safe, copy the PDFs to the folder and they will be added to EN, one note per PDF.  I say copy to begin as a safety net for the first time.  Once you are sure it is working right you can just move.  No sense in having the PDFs in two places IMO.


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