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Password sync when using google authentication

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I mostly use the browser version of Evernote but decided to use the Win10 application today as I 

have a lot to enter.  I authenticate myself in Evernote using Google. 

It's prompting me for a password to sync my local data with the cloud, however I do not know which password I should be using. 

I tried my google account but that was rejected, 

Any ideas on how to get sync working? 




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Hmm, then you're beyond me. I haven't used Google authentication (Google's deep enough in my life already, is my thought), so I've always used an Evernote password. Since you mainly use the browser version, try this: In the left panel of that, click on your initial/account name to open the Account menu. Click on Settings. In the Settings window that opens up, look for the Security section on the left, and click on Security Summary. That has a Password section. For me, it shows the option to Change password. If you've never had an Evernote password, I'm not sure what it would say for you, but clicking it might get you started on creating the necessary password.

All this is assuming that the program is indeed asking for your Evernote account password, which I'm pretty confident it is. If others looking in here have other ideas, please chime in!

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