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Invite worked for my iPhone, not for iPad


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I user Evernote on my iPhone, iPad and MacBook.  I accepted the invite from my iPhone and was able to install it on my iPhone.  However, that same invitation will not work when attempting to follow the instructions when used from my iPad.  I VERY much would like to use the beta version on my iPad.  Is there any hope?  Please advise.


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I was able to install on both iPhone and iPad, but the nonexistent installation instructions (at least I could not find any) caused a bit of floundering. Then, once installed, the app would not run because the certificate was not trusted. Some Googling revealed that what I needed to do was select the Evernote Corporation profile under Settings > Device Management and "Trust" it.

Can you folks describe what "doesn't work"? What steps do you follow and what goes wrong? It's a complicated setup requiring that you install a profile, and you have to click on the link Evernote gave you from Safari and not any other browser.

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