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Integrating Endnote, Zotero in Evernote

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Dear, wishing you well in these difficult times. 

I am using endote for a phd-thesis. Doe Evernote has the possibility of incitations and references/bibliographies? If not, is Evernote planning to integrate this soon? 
And is there a possibility top integrate Endnote, Zotero in Evernote? Thank you. 


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1) No, never heared about this as a feature.

The only way I can imagine to build something like this would be to use one note per reference, tag them accordingly, set the note title in a meaningful way (there is a 80-letter-limit to this), and use the Table-of-Content-function to create a list.

2) If Endnote or Zotero does not offer it, there is no easy way.

Basically the EN data base can be approached through the API-interface. If you want to do it, it means scripting your own access to extract the data you need from the EN data base. This probably works better when the data in itself is structured - which in turn runs contrary to the idea of EN to file everything. So I would use a data base instead.

In general EN is like a multi-tool. It can do nearly everything, but you probably want another tool if you have very specific use cases.

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4 hours ago, Bidel said:

I am using endote for a phd-thesis. Doe Evernote has the possibility of incitations and references/bibliographies? If not, is Evernote planning to integrate this soon? 

Evernote provides a note editor   
This is not word processing quality and the format is enml (basically html)

i suggest you require a word processing editor like MS Word or Apple Pages   
The document can be store in Evernote as a note attachment

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For a large writing project like a thesis or a book you may want to take a look at „Scrivener“. It is an app to collect information, set up and rearrange a structure / outline, write blocks of content and bind them together in a dynamic way. You could use EN to collect all stuff, then set up in Scrivener and condense your ideas there into the final document.

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So far there is not an integration of Evernote and Zotero. I'm a phd student in history and Zotero is the only platform I use for citations. I tried using Evernote to store my scanned docs because I like the organization/ interface of Evernote and I can annotate pdfs. HOWEVER now my Evernote is kind of a mess because I neglected proper citation. 

I recommend using Zotero to put all your source info in first. Then you can add a URL to the source that links to the online version of your Evernote 'note' (unfortunately it doesn't take you to the computer app). Not ideal, but at least I will know what the note name is and where I can find the note in Evernote. 

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Yes - that works - ie to link your Evernote URI to Zotero. 

Sometimes people want to be able to link in the other direction - ie put a link to your Zotero URI into an Evernote note. That way - you can click the evernote note, and it will take you to the online version of the zotero reference. While this isn't perfect integration, it will help people who want to use Zotero as a reference manager, and Evernote for taking notes/writing. 

To do this - you would:

  1. Install the Zutilo add on to Zotero (Desktop)
  2. Once it's installed - in Zotero - go to 'Tools > Zutilo Preferences'
  3. Then select 'Copy Zotero URIs > Zotero Context Menu' (see screenshot below)
  4. Then - In Zotero - when you are on the reference you want - right click it, and select the option 'Copy Zotero URIs' (See screenshot below)
  5. Then - In Evernote - you can paste the URI into your Evernote document - and when clicked, it will take you to the online version of your Zotero reference (see screenshot below)

Step 3 Screen shot: 



Step 4 Screenshot: 



Step 5 Screenshot: 



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It is possible to make these links between the windows client of the two applications. Copy the app link in the EN Note and post it on the Zotero notes area. It saves as a link and takes you back to the EN Note with a click. In Zotero using Zutilo you can copy a kink to a reference and it pastes into the latest version of EN as a link that is opened in the Zotero windows client. 

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