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deleting notes quickly

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humans are creatures of habit
to delete a note = think, eyeball find delete key among other keyboard keys, high chance of press wrong key, movement waste as hand have to stretch further, after u delete a note, the next note (note panel are not displayed), etc
I wanted to suggest the keyboard shortcut for move note to trash bin but I realised there's higher risk of trashing the wrong note. 
My workaround to eliminate the delete key and to increase productivity is to use the keyboard shortcut keys ALT + SHIFT + M to move note a uniquely titled notebook e.g. all your notebooks are based on alphabetical english words, thus create a notebook titled "5" then move all your notes you want to trash to notebook 5 which you can later once every 6 months or a year move all trash notes in notebook 5 to the bin to expunge. 
The key is that after you "move" your deleted note, Evernote Windows app will auto jump the selection to the next note for you to organise eliminating several micro steps per the usual delete key way.
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I don't know, seems like a lot of work for what gain?  Currently if you press the Delete key or click on the Trash can in the toolbar the note in focus is moved to the trash bin, Windows desktop anyway.  You can recover the note from the bin if you had an oops. 

If you really want to be sure you are deleting the right note use the drop down in the note specific toolbar.  Horses for courses I suppose.


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