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webp (image) attachments in the web client beta 5.30 (or is it just the editor beta)


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I'm puzzled and would love to get a clarification or some insight.

I'm used to "webp" images not being shown in the (standard) Windows client. It's kind of a drag, since many web pages and corresponding clippings or copies may contain them.

I did create a note in the Windows client ( (308919) Public (CE Build ce-62.6.10954)), into which I clipped some images from a web browser, and of course they showed up as a "webp" inline "attachment" rather than an inline picture. OK, the Windows client never had web support, so I'm not surprised.

However, I was surprised not to see as inline pictures in the web beta version (v5.30 or so, using it on Microsoft Edge, Chromium. I am using the beta editor --- which I love ---- but was still not included into the complete web beta although signing up about a month ago). Web browsers should have "webp" support included. Or should they not? Is this a limitation of the beta editor?

I'm curious. Any insights from the discussion forum?

Here's how it looks in the Windows client


and here how it looks in the Web client.image.png.34ec54bb62c4754b2b79c0d64bf08764.png

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