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Hi, and welcome to the forum. I use the Snipping Tool a good bit myself. Since it's a utility that is provided by the Windows operating system, I doubt that there's anything that Evernote could do to change the way it functions.

However, Evernote includes its own screen clipping utility, accessed by holding the Win key + PrintScreen. Press that and you get a set of cross-hairs with a little instruction box. Click and drag to select an area of the screen; when the area is selected, it will automatically be clipped to a new Evernote. With a little practice it becomes quite easy.

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Hi. If the snipping tool puts an image on the clipboard it should immediately be pastable into an Evernote note. I don't actually use it - I prefer the Evernote clipper @Dave-in-Decatur mentioned.  (In addition to what Dave said,  if you hold the Shift key when clipping the snip will be saved to your desktop.)

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To add even another way the EN clipper has an option for screenshot.  If you use this option you are presented with a dialog box which will let you edit the clip,  tag the clip, add a remark, and select a notebook.  FWIW.


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