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[Chromium] WebClipper 7.12.5 crashes constantly

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I've an issue withe the WebClipper (Ver. 7.12.5). I can't save anything, the clipper crashes every time.

So I downgraded to Version 7.12.3. This version works seamlessly.

Unfortunately this clipper upgrades automatically after a short period of time.

I locked the folders in my library, but that didn't work.

Any idea how I can prevent the clipper from upgrading to a broken version?!




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Hi there san, I'm sorry to hear this. What OS and Chromium browser are you using? If Edge is crashing, does the same issue happen in Chrome (or vice versa)? What about trying in Firefox to compare (non-Chromium)? Once Clipper crashes, are you able to reopen it and access the activity log in Settings? If so, would you be comfortable attaching the log in this thread or DMing it me?

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@jdeck469if you enable Web Clipper in private mode in Firefox, then ensure your other add-ins don't also launch in private mode (so Clipper is the only add-in running), do you still encounter the issue? If not, it may be another add-in conflicting with the Clipper. Either way, it may also be useful to get in touch with our support team to dig into this further if you haven't already so we can get to the bottom of this with you.

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