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Smart Filing has stopped working

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Clipping from Firefox/Windows 10. Web Clipper version 6.13.3

Clipping until recently would usually pick a reasonable notebook. Now only picks "main notes".

If setting is "smart filing" - always picks "main notes".

If setting "last used notebook" seems to work as expected.

A new, recently improved bug....



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I was just about to post this also.  been broken for over a week.  


I have tested from

Firefox - 75.0 (64-bit). - all go to misc -- made sure smart filling was on - turned it off an on again


Opera - Version:67.0.3575.115 -- exact same .. only works as misc. never suggests a notebook.


mac os x - mojave



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10 minutes ago, Jay-Bob said:

Yes, the issue should now be fixed without requiring an update to your Web Clipper extension. Thank you for your patience.

Thanks @Jay-Bob   
Is this connected to the context fail issue?  https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/123999-context-feature-not-working/?do=findComment&comment=561561

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Hi @DTLow, if you mean Context in terms of the "Related Notes" feature in the Web Clipper itself - yes, that was also fixed without requiring an update to Clipper. In terms of the Evernote application Context feature, I'm not sure if that was related to this or not (but am glad to see it seems like that may be resolved as well).

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