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One of my users has Evernote installed to help with Outlook on Windows. Outlook shows the add-in  as Inactive. However, if the Disabled items are listed, the add-in is not shown. Sometimes it shows up on the "Slow and Disabled Add-ins" list, and even if we select "do not monitor this add-in," it still won't enable it.

Any suggestions? I downloaded the latest version and installed it, did not fix the problem.


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Do it first,

Microsoft - Evernote Add-Inn's for Connection Problem

After that, when you install Evernote, signup and open both program, Evernote and Outlook..

Check Add-Inn's in Outlook. If these buttons not checked, check.. If there in not buttons for EverNote, Read article which shared above.


After that, Check your Outlook File Options.



Because of the speed of Evernote, Outlook blocking Add-Inn's. It is almost 1.5 sn.. :)

Allow the notfication. After that you will see an active icon on your tab in outlook.


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