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Terry Walling

Using my logos on Evernote templates

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Like to use Evernote to create notes for my training events... but would like for them to have look of my other documents that I have hardcopy published... there fore need to use my logos, charts and text style. How can I do that?

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Hi. Anything you create in Evernote is (I'm pretty sure) yours to do with as you will. Evernote the app (in any OS) is not an ideal page design environment so you may want to use PDFs prepared elsewhere for your content.  The most you can do with images in Evernote is to use a table to lay out a page.  If you're intending to use Evernote templates to generate your material you may want to contact Support to get an official approval - but if you might be generating new customers I can't see them being too unhappy.... 

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