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Can't change font. No size on format bar

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Hi.  There are no font choices in Evernote for Android.  Plus text copied or clipped from another application might come with its own embedded formatting. Best revisit this on a desktop...

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I have a similar problem, I've recently changed my font on my phone and for some reason it's changes in the menu and title but not the note itself. I tried to send an email to the support team but I need to upgrade to do that. Who can I pass this on to, for this to be sent to the support team or the developers to get this fixed

Cheers Tom



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19 hours ago, PuncnConez4Dayz said:

I've recently changed my font on my phone

Hi.  If you're talking about changing the default font for note content,  that's not going to affect existing notes.  The default font applies to newly created notes only.  Existing notes need to be edited individually if they are to be changed.

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OK - if you're adding new notes and the default font isn't being used, it may not be compatible with Evernote.

Evernote for Android doesn't have any font options within the app itself - what you see is presumably set by the options available on the device.  

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