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Unable to download the pdf-Unable to see the whole document

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Please, see the attached screenshot. The pdf is displayed only on a small window, no way to see it in its entirety. Also, the download button is not there. Is there a solution for this?
Thank you

Screenshot Evernote 2020-04-13 100726.jpg

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Thank you Gazumped. This is usulaly the response that I receive but I use Chrome and don't want to use another browser. I have this problem for more than one year and it is not fixed yet. I use the latest version of Chrome on a Windows computer. 
I will contact the support.

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I see this working fine with the Evernote Beta version (Evernote Web v5.30.0) in the latest (or very recent) Chrome on Win 10. The PDF shows in a large window, and if I click on the PDF header, the window outlines in blue, and I get a little popup widget with a download button and a "..." menu that has "Download", "View as Attachment", and "Full Preview" as menu items. Clicking "Download" opens the PDF in a separate windows, and from there I can print, download and peruse the document.

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Thnak you Jefito. I have the latest version of Chrome on Windows 10 too. I think I have identified the origine of the problem. It comes when I scan with my scanner ScanSnap Fujitsi S1300!. When I download a pdf fronm the computer, it is clearly displayed and same when I scan with my Android Pixel 3. I need to find out if other users of ScanSnap Fujitsi S1300! experience the same problem.

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